Hexagon paper punch

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Hexagon Punch

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Continue all the way around the hex until you have sorted each corner. Make a quilt of folded hexagons. Katie Scott punched squares from scraps of double-sided patterned paper then folded two opposite corners into the center of each to create hexagon shapes. She arranged three rows of these pieces for a quilted look that’s accentuated.

M shape (punching Mcdonald's logo) Paper Punch

This revolutionary punch needs very little manpower-- just one little squeeze punches through anything from copy paper to heavy cardstock. A specially engineered squeeze motion punch. Feb 22,  · Thanks Hart, I might have to buy them if I cant find a punch.

I thought it would be easy enough for me to find one but they seem to only sell them in the US. Are the plastic templates for actually cutting the fabric or for cutting bits of paper.

Fiskars-Squeeze Punch And Acrylic Template: Hexagon. This squeeze punch lets you create unlimited paper templates. Matching acrylic shapes lets you cut consistent fabric shapes 1/4 inch larger then the punch. Don’t you love it when you learn new ways to use your paper crafting tools?

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Hexagon paper punch
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