Google s attempt to buy into wireless via the 700 mhz spectrum auction

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United States 2008 wireless spectrum auction

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Google Wireless?

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United States 2008 wireless spectrum auction

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Google announces intent to bid on 700MHz spectrum auction, if…

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The Mhz spectrum auction results were revealed today.

Google Gets What It Wanted From 700MHz Auction

The big winner? Verizon Wireless, which took the largest chunk of the sought-after C-block according to The Wall Street Journal. Google Calls MHz Auction A Major Victory For Consumers The results are in, and Google didn't end up winning that beachfront C-block spectrum. But don't start feeling bad for the company.

Dec 13,  · This story, "What to Expect From Google and the MHz Spectrum Auction" was originally published by Network World. Google announced last Friday that it earmarked at least $ billion to enter the wireless industry via an upcoming federal auction of the once-occupied MHz band of airwaves.

But Google also.

Google Gets What It Wanted From 700MHz Auction

Google plans to participate in the upcoming auction for radio spectrum in the MHz band if certain conditions are met. Google CEO Eric Schmidt said Friday that he sent a letter to FCC Chairman Kevin Martin saying the company will commit $ billion to the auction if .

Google s attempt to buy into wireless via the 700 mhz spectrum auction
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