Dimensioning guidelinesgeneral rules for dimensioning1 dimensions

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Mechanical and Metal Trades Handbook

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Essay on Dimensioning GuidelinesGeneral Rules For Dimensioning1 Dimensions  Dimensioning Guidelines General Rules for Dimensioning 1. Dimensions. Dimensioning Techniques. Dimensions are placed on the floor plan as shown in Figure Note that the dimension lines are drafted lighter than wall lines and are generally done as a continuous group or string of numbers along a line.

The extension line begins slightly away from the object (a minimum of Vi6 inch or mm), never touching it. Activity 2 2 1 – Dimensioning Guidelines 1 Dimensions should NOT be duplicated 11 2 8 08 32 AM U 3 Dimensioning Guidelines Long Branch Public Schools November 2nd, - Dimensioning Guidelines General Rules for Dimensioning Dimensions should reflect the actual size of the object not the scaled size 2 Always include overall.

DIMENSIONING • is the process of defining the size, form and location of geometric features and components on an engineering drawing. LINES USED IN DIMENSIONING: Dimensions should be selected to suit the function of the object.

3. Dimensions should be placed in the most. Following these rules results in good dimensioning practices. The first rule is the most important and the rest all have roughly equal importance.

Dimensions should NOT be duplicated, or the same information given in two different ways. 8 dimension rules.

STUDY. PLAY. Rule 1: Dimensions should not be duplicated, nor should the same info be given in two different ways linear dimensions rules. 16 terms. Dimensioning Rules. OTHER SETS BY THIS CREATOR. 37 terms. Chapter 8 Vocab (las fiestas y las celebraciones, las personas, los lugares, otras celebraciones) 49 terms.

Dimensioning guidelinesgeneral rules for dimensioning1 dimensions
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