Cuny macaulay honors college admission

Request to Defer — Macaulay and Baruch Scholars

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Macaulay Honors College/CCNY Honors Programs

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Baruch Admission Requirements

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Find ips deals on eBay for macaulay's funds. Deadlines & Notification Dates – The City University of New York. The Spring Admission Application is now available; The Fall admission decision into Macaulay Honors College by only one of the college choices CUNY Transfer.

The City University of New York provides high-quality, accessible education for more thandegree-credit students andadult, continuing and professional education students at 24 campuses across New York City. CUNY officials are understandably proud of the fact that two-thirds of their senior college students receive state and federal subsidies to offset their bargain $6, tuition.

CUNY college transcript (intra-CUNY transfer applicants only) If you are currently enrolled at a CUNY college, do not send a paper copy of your transcript.


Instead, an electronic version of your official CUNY transcript will be retrieved by CUNY/UAPC after your Admission Application is submitted. Macaulay Honors College chooses candidates for admission by evaluating a combination of academic and leadership factors, including: High School Grades: If you attend a New York City public high school, your transcript will be sent to Macaulay Honors College via your OSIS number.

Oct 27,  · Macaulay Honors College at The City University of New York offers an exceptional academic and co-curricular environment. Macaulay students enroll in one of seven CUNY senior colleges (Baruch, Brooklyn, City, Hunter, Lehman, Queens and Staten Island).

Cuny macaulay honors college admission
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Applying to Macaulay — Hunter College