Bcg matrix for air asia

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The BCG Matrix (Boston Consulting Group) is the matrix between the two dimensions MARKET SHARE and MARKET GROWTH. It helps in determining the priorities to be given for the product portfolio. For a long term success in the business, a firm should go for high growth products which are in need of cash and low growth products which generate high.

As the air space deregulate, for example, the recent deregulation of Singapore-Malaysia air route had prompt an influx of other carrier such as Firefly and Air Asia to the market SIA and MAS (Malaysia Airlines System) once hold monopoly.

Air Asia is a low fare airline of Malaysia, it had one of the largest number of airplanes and flying destinations. Know what Business Strategy made Air Asia a successful low budget Airline in Asia.

Air Asia has a number of competitive advantages as a low cost carrier that fall into the following general categories; low cost operations, efficiency of operations, proven business model and management expertise and finally a distinctive corporate culture.

In BCG Matrix Analysis, Cell Phone Business is in the Dog Category and Smartwatch Segment is in Question Mark Category: LCD TVs and Home Appliances come under the category of Cash Cows and hence will keep generating the revenues in bulk.

Bcg matrix for air asia
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